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Dating pregnancy straight after a miscarriage

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That was the only issue I had - my due date moved about a bit because they could only go on scans. Called the doctor today and she did not seem to concerned, so that helped a lot too :) I am sure everything will be okay, just hard not to worry at least a little!! I am so nervous this will lead to complications down the road. That most doctor's that say to wait are not completely informed and it's mostly for emotional recovery. Hope you get your rainbow baby I'd like to ask your opinions. We would be thrilled to be pregnant again, but planned to use protection for the first month like you al have said- because the doc said to wait a month. Anyone else have a positive story of full term pregnancy after a MC, before a period?! I miscarried at 6w5d in March and kept waiting for my cycle to come. I had no period in between and got a super super faint line on Thursday, still super faint today, like you almost still can't see it, but it's there, not darker. Can't into Doctor until 7/29 :( feeling really tired and weird. I'm having all the symptoms- swollen breasts, nausea, exhaustion, back aches- like my breasts have literally tripled in size since last week.My husband and I lost our first pregnancy in February. It never did and I started having pregnancy symptoms. Went to the MD 7 wks after the mc and scans averaged 6w5d at that time. Going to test again in a few days, but so anxious/annoyed to get to the doctor I'm in the EXACT same boat. Had MC after 6weeks on 6/12, was left heartbroken- fiancé and I had sex on 6/19 and 6/24, starting feeling symptoms 7/5.

The anxiety of it happening again can be a very real concern though, so it's important to have coping strategies in place.In circumstances such as a molar pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy, a patient may be advised to wait a little bit longer before trying to get pregnant again.Many doctors suggest waiting until you have had at least one period after your miscarriage before trying again, as this makes it easier to calculate the dates in the next pregnancy.But if you have a very early loss, with very low pregnancy hormone levels, then you may not even be aware of being pregnant as you may get a period nearly on time. Women can ovulate as early as 2 weeks following a loss, and if they're having sex they can become pregnant again that quickly.But it is important to not try to get pregnant after a miscarriage until the pregnancy hormone in your system is back down to zero (so it's worth doing a pregnancy test and looking for a negative result before you start trying again).A negative pregnancy test after a miscarriage is the only real way to make sure that there is no residual pregnancy tissue left in the uterus.

Sometimes small remnants can remain which can lead to future issues like fertility problems or abnormal bleeding from your womb.

But this doesn't mean that you're more likely to miscarry if you do conceive before then.

There is even some evidence that conceiving in the first six months after a miscarriage actually lowers your risk of miscarriage next time.

But if you are diagnosed with a problem, then it is more than likely that your next pregnancy will miscarry unless you seek treatment.

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Although these abnormalities can stem from either the sperm or the egg, they're more likely to come from the egg.