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Dating nipissing river service valley

Roughly half the population of West Nipissing lives in Sturgeon Falls.

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Fort La Ronde will move numerous times on different islands on Lake Nipissing. It was later bought by the Hudson's Bay Company around 1820 and was later relocated on the right bank of the river several hundred metres below the falls, at the mouth of Sturgeon River, trading with the N'Biissing for furs and other goods.On August 20, 1970, it was hit by a small tornado associated with the Sudbury, Ontario tornado event.In the spring of 1979 the Sturgeon River overflowed its banks at Field, causing massive flooding in the town's centre.It was founded as a centennial project in 1967 by the Historical Restoration Committee of the Sturgeon Falls Secondary High School, the Township of Springer and the Town of Cache Bay, in cooperation and funded by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.It was renovated and re-opened in 1999 and upgraded to include a permanent building capable of being open year-round and vastly improved its exhibits.In 1979, the Sturgeon River overflowed its banks, flooding the town's centre.

Many houses were demolished and rebuilt on higher ground nearby.

Smaller communities in the municipality include Cache Bay, Caderette, Crystal Falls, Deslauriers, Evansville, Harfred, Kirk, Lavigne, Notre-Dame-du-Lac and River Valley.

It also includes part of the North Monetville area, which straddles the boundary between West Nipissing and French River.

The town was named for the wife of Canadian Pacific Railway superintendent Archer Baker, who oversaw the laying of track through the West Nipissing area in the 1880s.

Many of the francophone settlers immigrated to the area from Michigan in the late 19th century in order to preserve their language; they were concerned they would lose their language in the predominantly anglophone United States.

The Thistle Fire Tower is to be dismantled and re-erected here as a tourist attraction.