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Dating mappin and webb silver plate marks

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If someone could help me with identifying the date of my dish it would be appreciated.I have pics but do not have any web space to use for them.

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Patrons have included Queen of France Marie-Antoinette, the Empress of Russia and Princess Grace of Monaco.Victoria's Golden Jubilee necklace was created by the house in 1888 and was designated by the queen as an heirloom of the Crown.Mappin & Webb has held Royal Warrants in the UK since 1897. But many other names are used for silver plate: EPWM - Electroplate on White Metal, EPC - Electroplate on Copper, Argentium Argentine Plate, Argentum, Ascetic B. (Electroplated Nickel Silver) and EPBM (Electroplated Britannia Metal) are the most common names attributed to silver plate items. Ltd, Ashberry, Austrian Silver, Brazilian Silver D&A Trademark of Daniel and Arter, Buxbridge - Trademark name of JT&Co., Electrum, Encore TT&Co Trademark of T. We can handle a dent or two but it is the cracks that were hard to swallow.

We have several pieces and all are identified except for the date on this piece and the maker and date on a sterling ashtray.

As a natural progression from silverware, Mappin & Webb began designing jewellery. Its first overseas store was established in Johannesburg and stores soon followed in Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Biarritz, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Cairo and Bombay.

However all international stores closed in the second half of the 20th century.

in 1862 after John Mappin was joined by his brother-in-law George Webb.

The first Mappin & Webb store opened in 1860 at 77-78 Oxford Street, London and the company’s candelabras, fine silverware and vanity products swiftly gained renown. However, shortly after it was subject to a hostile takeover (through shares) in the 1930's. Mappin & Webb expanded internationally beginning in the 1890s.

Mark Appleby, also of Mappin & Webb, took over as crown jeweller in 2017.