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This polarised split of the nation is also evident in some of the population’s characteristics.In this guide, we explore the topic of sex in Romania, looking at prostitution and pornography laws as well as exploring the adult industry and latest porn viewing trends.We’ll even take a look at the LGBTQ laws and popular ways to find a hook up whilst in Romania.The country was under Soviet rule for a period in the 1940s and 1950s and remained a communist country under the infamous rule of the autocrat Nicolae Ceausescu until the revolution in 1989.Under Ceausescu, Romania suffered desperate poverty, poor education and economic instability.There are many scars left on the country from its political background including social views and health education.

There is no state religion but 81% of the country identify as Eastern Orthodox and many hold conservative views commensurate with the church.

Under Ceausescu, abortions were illegal, and the existence of AIDS was denied by the government.

Combined with poor sex education and a high rate of orthodox beliefs on contraception it may come as a surprise that, according to a study commissioned by Durex in 2010 (‘The Face of Global Sex’) Romanians were amongst the highest condom users in Europe.

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Characterised by medieval fortresses, the infamous Carpathian Mountains of the Transylvanian region and ancient forests, Romania is a mysterious nation that few people have visited from the west.

Though largely a stereotype, many Romanians agree that the nation: Having said all this, the country does have a large porn industry with relaxed laws on prostitution and pornography (see below).