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Dating hoopz rapper ti

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After succeeding at winning the heart of Flavor Flav in the ten-episode show, Nicole broke up with him as soon as the show came to a close.

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Hoopz was of course the first winner of the series thus cementing her place in the showbiz.It’s almost as if our world wouldn’t go around if we couldn’t watch the celebs and wannabe celebs get into some drama.We definitely have our favorites that will forever go down in history and Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander is just one of the people to benefit from her appearance on one.Her body measurement is as follows: Bust – 34 inches (86 cm)Waist – 24 inches (61 cm)Hips – 36 inches (91 cm).When you look at all the reality shows we currently have it’s hard to believe that they at one point in time never existed.Nicole Alexander, popularly known as Hoopz or Nikki, is an American reality television star, actress, and model whose emergence as the winner of the first seasons of the VH1 reality television shows, Flavor of Love and I Love Money, brought to the limelight.

She never had any intentions of getting involved in reality shows while growing up but somehow, she found herself competing in the first and second shows, winning both.

Born on July 12, 1983, in Detroit, Michigan, as Nicole Deannae Alexander, the reality TV star while describing herself, said she believes deep down within her, that she is a tomboy.

Nicole had her high school education at Woodhaven High School in Brownstone and while there, she played basketball for the school’s team.

The show follows Nikki who lives in the same house in Knoxville, Tennessee, with her 4 younger sisters, 8 children (nieces and nephews), 3 dogs, and Nikki’s assistant who fathered one of the children while he dated one of Nicole’s sisters. Apart from her involvement in reality TV shows, she has also been involved in other business ventures.

She has a boutique and has been featured in a number of magazines and publications, including the Boston Magazine and STUFF Magazine which named her among the “Sexiest Bostonians” in 2011. However, after four years of being together, they broke up.

In this season of the show which aired on VH1 from January 1, 2006, to March 12, 2006, twenty female contestants were brought to live together in the mansion of Flavor Flav located in Encino, California, to compete for his love.