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Dating halloween costumes

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This Halloween season it’s time to get your creative juices flowing and DIY your own contest-winning costume.

Hold up the poster or board in front of you so that your face is in the square, and you'll get right swipes all night long. Basically, you're also going to need either a poster board or cardboard for this idea.Now, this one will be fun, and your Halloween Instagram pic with this baby will definitely get at least 76 likes. Make sure you orient it portrait style and cut out two equal-sized holes right next to each other in the center of the board (big enough to fit your face in).Then, decorate the board in a similar way to Tinder's "It's a Match! At whatever party you're trudging through this Halloween, you can make it interesting by gathering your friends and (most importantly) the people you ~like~ to take a picture of their face with yours.Scroll on to learn how to create your own witty Hinge, Tinder, Grindr, and Bumble dating app costumes.ICYMI, Hinge is a dating app that matches you up with people who they think you’ll have great first dates with IRL.Grab some felt and get crafty with this tech-focused and contemporary take on a classic bee costume. Measure and cut five 1-inch strips of yellow felt and attach to the top half of the dress with fabric glue.

I know most people revere Halloween as the greatest holiday ever because you can "be someone you're not" for a night.

So, for example, if your truest form is a person absolutely obsessed with dating apps, then perhaps some easy Tinder Halloween costumes can help you show just that.

This way, if you're a little insecure about how much you love dating apps (which you shouldn't be, because it's 2017, this is the future, and sorry you like to Have Fun and Find Love maybe), you can still profess your love for them, because people will think you're just joining in the Halloween fun of being someone you're not.

Then, cut three 3-inch strips from remaining poster board and glue together creating another long strip for the base of the grinder. Cut plastic guard to fit around your body, allowing some wiggle room.

Use tape to attach the coffee bean print facing outward to the inside of the plastic guard.

Now that we've gotten that disclaimer out of the way, here's what you need to do. You could always take the easy way out and attach a cardboard cutout of the flame to yourself.