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Dating gold hallmarks guide

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The mark that is made depends on which of the four Assay Offices the piece was sent to, but the presence of the mark indicates that the piece was proven to contain the amount of precious metal that the jeweller advertises.The possible marks include an anchor for the Assay Office in Birmingham, a castle for Edinburgh, a rose for Sheffield, and a leopard head for London.

One can now even buy gold jewellery online as well.Some jewellers offer their in-house hallmarking of jewellery which is not verified by the BIS.Therefore, before buying gold jewellery you must check with the jeweller whether they offer BIS hallmarking or not. Purity in Karat and fineness Purity of gold is indicated in two ways: Karat (denoted as KT) and fineness number.For example, Letter 'A 'was used for year 2000 and 'J for' year 2008. There are charges that have to be paid to get the jewellery hallmarked.As per the BIS website, Rs 35 plus taxes are charged per gold item. It may take approximately five to six hours to get the purity of gold checked before it is hallmarked. If you have a complaint regarding your hallmarked jewellery, you can contact BIS by sending an email to [email protected] / [email protected] or by telefax at 011-23235069.When purity of gold is measured in Karat, 24KT is considered the purest form of gold.

But 24KT gold is considered too soft to be converted into any jewellery or ornament.

BIS on its website, has put out a list of jewellers that are certified by the BIS. The list offers names of both gold and silver jewellers that are certified and licensed by BIS.

This provides the names and addresses of the jewellers and date till which their licence with BIS is valid.

Click here to check the logo of the hallmarking centre on your jewellery. Jeweller's identification mark The jewellery shop from where you are buying your gold jewellery will also put its identification mark.

This mark can be of a BIS certified jeweller or jewellery manufacturer.

For a consignment, a minimum of Rs 200 plus taxes are charged.