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Dating friendship love 2016

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I almost thought our journey together would separate from there.But she came back and was in no time back to my side both as a friend and a co-worker.

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She is 7 years younger than me, and we met when I interviewed her for a position as a sales staff in Kitchen Art store that was about to open. She was barely 20, still a university student, and I was 27 about to start up my first business.Despite our relationship being boss and staff in the beginning, it somehow blossomed into a very pure friendship that would light up my days for years to come.I started giving her the nickname “Squirrel”, because she would always shuffle around places so quickly and getting things done so efficiently. Since we met 7 years ago, she has witnessed me going through heartbreaks, disappointments, starting my businesses, rising to success, failing again and again, getting dumped, getting married, and becoming a mother.Or it could be that we embody the same visions and values when it comes to life and business.When we do something together, it becomes both a beautiful experience and an amazing end-result because we both go into each project with all our hearts and never settle for anything that is less than what we envision for.They say if you want more romance and love in your life, start by making your friendships romantic.

It may sound funny but with Na, I always feel that it’s not just friendship but also a deep love and mutual respect that makes the friendship “romantic” in its own way.

In other words, love makes my world go round, and without love, I would not even want to exist on this planet.

This is why it gets a whole chapter on its own in my upcoming book.

I just stay by her side and make sure she has my support through her ups and downs, her mistakes, her losses and her wins.

Sometimes I do feel the urge to stop her from making the same mistakes I have made in my past to avoid getting hurt.

Real friends can also bring love, romance (the platonic kind of romance), passion and a deep sense of fulfillment as you grow older together.