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Dating fireplace brass peacock

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Some screens serve only as a decorative element, as well, for those who would like to dress up the appearance of their fireplace area.Because there is a broad range of high-quality wrought iron fireplace screens available in different sizes, finishes, and styles, we're going to help you sort through your options to better determine what will make the best accent piece for your fireplace.

It features an arched central panel and rich decorative scrolls adorned with floral motifs.Gorgeous gilded decorative screens for the fireplace are solid wrought iron designs and beautiful imitation twigs.The whole is beautifully combined with the stylish interior, gray tiles and white Greek motifs on the fireplace.Characterized by wrought iron construction and captivating scrollwork, this fireplace screen can be an effective and long-lasting decoration.It has a beautifully arched top, twisted legs for stability, and an easy to clean surface.For example, you'll need to take into consideration the mantle size, size of the hearth, the shape of the screen, and the scale of the room.

Therefore, these are general guidelines to get you started.

The addition of decorative wrought iron fireplace screens wrought iron adds not only beauty but also safety.

In addition to preventing you from the access sparks that may spring from your fireplace, fireplace screens also offer protection from ash and other debris as well.

A beautiful traditional fireplace screen made of wrought iron with a golden shine.

It has a squarish riveted frame with an arched top edge and 2 bowed bottom supports.

We can find wrought iron furnishings dating back to the Roman times and, because of its durability, today it's often used for tools, fencing, and home decor items.