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Dating fender output transformers

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By lowering the labor and material costs Fender keeps the price low and the profits high.

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Transformers and a Solid State Rectifier instead of the Gz.Read articles, reviews, and view specifications about the amp's performance and history.Instead of hiring a new crew the owner of the amp company decided to keep it on hold while they were focusing on getting the guitars back up to production with the new co-owner of the company. Assuming the suffixes started with -01 and went to -3000, there would be around 3000 of these floating around.Thanks to everyone who sent information about their amp s.This is a law enacted in the late 60's - early 70's.A little over a year ago that deal ended with the two guys going different ways. The Gear Page has a few discussions about Heritage Amplification where Paul Cochrane chimed in.

It's an easy circuit that most techs would be able to figure out in a few minutes. Also, each of my amps appear to have been completed in 2004, if I'm understanding the sequence correctly. Mark Norwine is a member here and is a great resource for all things Peg related.

It seems fine, it runs pretty hot, but tube amps are supposed to i believe?

They where hard wired so only an idiot would take one off.

Take a real good look inside the cab the footswitch might still be in it's holder.

Ampeg hard wired the foot switches so they tended to stay with the amps.

A common misconception about the Blues Junior is that the Blues Junior basically a Tweed type amp.