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Dating fellow grad student

In order to make it through this time with your relationship not only intact but stronger than ever, you'll need to familiarize yourself with the Ph D lifestyle and form strategies for how to cope with it.Preparing yourself for the reality of this program, through its completion, can help you be patient, as you will be able to mark off important milestones and count down to the next phase.

I earned these bags under my eyes and my first gray hair that I shouldn’t have gotten until at least my early thirties. While these 2-4 years are often horribly challenging and we are inevitably losing years off our life, most of us wouldn’t change it for the world. So cheers to all the grad students out there, and stop reading this because you probably have homework to do.If your significant other is still in the first years, your experience may mimic that of the college life you're accustomed to -- to an extent.A majority of students, though, supplement their classroom studies with stints as undergrad teaching assistants or researchers, according to "The Princeton Review" in "Master's vs.Every grad student experiences the dreadful feeling of “why didn’t I just go into the work force like a normal, sane human being? Really, this concept will send you to a very disturbing place.It’s so fun logging on to social media to see everyone has become body builders and nutritional coaches all at the same time.We are Professional Students at this point, and who wouldn’t want to be in college forever?! We get one disbursement in Fall, and one in Spring. Grad school comes along and looms over you like the guy who says he just wants to be your friend but won’t stop asking you on a date. If I tell you I can’t go to the gym or get coffee with you, it’s not because I don’t want to. You might be able to make it work, but your significant other will probably rather watch paint dry than hang out with you along the way.

What the outside world tends to not grasp is there is college and there is grad school. It’s because even if I do, your face will slowly morph into my professor telling me I’m a failure because I’m not note-carding right now. It’s always magical when one of your friends tells you about how “awesome!!!!!

Copyright (c) 2007 by Frank Vahid (A synopsis of the book: "How to Be a Good Graduate Student -- Tips for succeeding in graduate school". See bottom of page for info.) Graduate school is the best kept secret in America.

Many students, exhausted from their 4-6 years of undergraduate courses, can't imagine why anyone would subject themselves to 2-6 more years of that torture to get a master's or Ph. degree, when a bachelor's degree is sufficient to get good jobs.

Unfortunately for us, eating healthy probably means I had one coffee today instead of 5.

We’re so glad you all have time to cross-fit, meal prep AND post an Instagram of both today, but I had to read for six classes while trying to plot how actually not to read for those six classes and still get away with it. Look, homie, I didn’t go to grad school to learn to tell the future.

Both degrees involve a combination of research and coursework.