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Dating ecu

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The SAB (Students Activities Board) Film Committee also set up the screening of contemporary movies every week on a big screen in Hendrix Theatre in Mendenhall. If you can think of it, it's probably already at ECU.

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ECU also brings in comedians, theres an annual casino night, and they re always playing new movies at the Hendrix Theater Football games are the events that the entire campus takes part in.Everyone always talks about Student Activities Board. They usuallly always sell out because so many people are trying to go.There are so many thingsw to do within that club so its very easy to get involved. We meet on Thursday nights and participate in different tournaments. Some students leave their dorm doors open so they can meet new people. Dating is different for everyone, although some events like speed dating go on to help out.Also the downtown area is very close to campus and everybody goes to the same general vasinity so it is great for dating.If you like to party there is always a party starting from Thursday night to Sunday.There are also a lot of students who do intramural sports because you can start a team with a bunch a friends and play flag football, soccer, softball, water polo, basketball, and many more.

I am personally on an intramural team with my church, The Newman Catholic Center, and we have an awesome time doing the different sports.

At a 2am on a Tuesday night, I am probably just watching television.

We have things like Barefoot on the Mall, Freeboot Friday, Midnight Madness, and of course Homecoming.

Intramural sports are a great way to get involved with the school athletically and it also gives you a study break for an hour or so.

Greenville is a party town but there are also other activities available to those who do not want to be in the party seen that are available on campus, such as bowling, movies, and activities at the dorms.

People usually party Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.