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Dating ecommerce hosting

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Are your themes updated regularly to account for new security breaches or what safeguards do you have in place?

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I'd say perhaps one of our biggest assets for members is our community.We have also released all of our extensions and plugins as free products, enabling anyone with any template or theme to use them on their site. We are currently the largest Joomla provider out there.Our founder, Andy Miller, was one of the original core founders of the Joomla project, and we owe a lot of our success to the Joomla community.You can get up to three licenses when you join the club, and you have the option to purchase more at any time.You also gain additional licenses each time you renew.How is Rocket Theme different than other template clubs out there?

We like to think that we produce an excellent product that stands the test of time.

We regularly go back to some of our older templates and update them to take advantage of the latest technologies and standards, so you have the peace of mind of knowing that your site won't become obsolete or caught behind the curve.

We created Gantry, a powerful framework for Word Press and Joomla, and released it as an open source project to enable anyone that wants to build their own template the chance to do so with the same framework we use for the ones we sell. What is your most popular format and why do you think that is?

You also gain access to our support forums for both our templates and any associated extensions.

These forums are manned by a team of moderators in addition to our developers.

For example, if you subscribe to our Joomla club, you are able to download any of our supported Joomla templates, as well as receive support for them and any of our Joomla extensions.