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Dating disaster blogs

First I tried My Space and would hack around the system to block it at The Times Herald, getting yelled at repeatedly for doing so but finding the fun of hacking and messaging too tempting to resist.That was a dating disaster as that guy turned out to be bipolar and schizophrenic.

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Dan is the main man of books – the unlucky-in-love fool who can’t catch a break! Denise Andrews Denise is without doubt the most unpredictable of characters I have written so far.With more female readers of my books than male, Kelly is my one chance at proving that I had some knowledge of the female mind (although my wife would argue even that is pretty limited! But Kelly is crucial to the book, because without her it would simply be Dan listening to a bunch of bad advice from his mates.She brings balance to the crazy world that Dan lives in, and creating a friendship between the two of them has been a lot of fun. Ollie Pemberton How could you not love a guy who thinks Kama Sutra was the name of a foreign exchange student he went to school with, or believes that Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is historically accurate?!I said when you have a successful blog, you can tell me how to take photographs. He showed me the Mecca of dating apps out there and the stereotypes attached: Bumble for i Phone (I’m a Samsung gal for photo quality purposes) but hear it’s female friendly from many people who enjoy it; Tinder, the hookup app spawned from the gay hookup app Grindr, and Coffee Meets Bagel, also a female-friendly app where if you choose each other, then you talk -- no one million messages to ignore.On CMB, I met a surgeon who later showed me an X-ray of a person with a light bulb up their butt.Also, he who was not his listed height which made him a liar from the get go (ladies, the equivalent is the selfie above the head to make you look smaller).

Date two, a cute nurse literally swept me off my feet dancing salsa and bachata on our second date.

Being equal driving distance to either Pittsburgh or Philadelphia, I was smack dab in the middle of “Pennsyltucky” in Podunk County.

Part of moving to Philly was to spread my wings and fly, expand my brand and hopefully find a love nest along the way.

It got my thinking about the characters in my Sex, Love and Dating Disaster series.

Who are the characters I simply couldn’t live without in the series?

She was brilliant to write about, and secretly I think I’d like to date her too… The king of the chat-up lines with a small-man syndrome, Jack is the guy you probably warn your friends against dating, but can’t help but warm to once you get to know him.