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Dating deal breakers ecosalon

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For years, Emma never told anyone she dated about her sexuality for fear of being dumped or having her sexual preference fetishized.“When I finally came out, I realized the best way to ensure that I was being respected was with being upfront and unapologetic,” Emma said.

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It taught me I am allowed to be picky when it comes to a mate, but can also be flexible if someone is a good match but doesn’t jive with some of my smaller deal breakers.There are some deal breakers I would never compromise on. I could never date a person who treats wait staff poorly.For me, these are two things that define someone’s character—so no matter what seemingly good attributes they might have, it would never be enough to overpower those major flaws. Axiotis said a good activity for self-exploration is to write down your deal breakers now, then look back at them in 5 years. I’ve added quite a few deal breakers to my list since that day in class and have compromised on a handful as well.She began disclosing her bisexuality on first dates—along with her choice to not shave her legs.“If the person I was seeing wasn’t okay with that stuff, I wasn’t okay with dating them,” Emma said.Low self-esteem and bullying also made me more likely to say “yes” to anyone interested.

Bedsider U campus rep Emma developed her main deal breaker after a long struggle to come out as bisexual.

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She’s a feminist and animal lover who lives in Northeast Ohio with her partner, two rabbits and a black cat named Wanda.

She spends her free time volunteering for NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio and advocating for women’s rights.

” Another Bedsider rep established a deal breaker early in life based on her own family’s experience, then adjusted it with time.