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Dating cheerleaders

When Vince Mc Mahon relaunched the XFL in January 2018, he said plainly, “There will be no cheerleaders.” This is a far cry from talking about “the wild thing.” In trying to create a new XFL that is all about “better football,” Mc Mahon is now using a lack of cheerleaders as a wedge, just to prove how serious he is about cleaning up his league.

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[youtube v=”8Lu T7b6Vxkw”] When it comes to cheerleaders, in 2020 we will see a complete one-eighty.How many fans will be disappointed by the absence of the infamous XFL cheerleaders?In a well-known 2001 photo, San Francisco Demons fan Chris Wright held a sign proclaiming his young desires.I interviewed a former Atlanta Falcons cheerleader, Nina Ahlin (now Noa Hami), on my radio show.When she entered my studio, I was struck by how attractive she was 20 years after retiring from cheerleading, and by her modest dress.You don’t have to waste any effort of explaining how 2020’s cheerleaders would be presented differently than in 2001.” So, it’s a brand new XFL, and the lack of cheerleaders proves it!

So far, as shown in the results of this recent XFLBoard Twitter poll, fans seem to be in agreement with the plan to shelve the cheerleaders. We will see what happens next February, when the players hit the field.

As she wrote to me: "I can't imagine my life without having the experience I did as an NFL cheerleader. The friendships I made, the places we were able to go and the people we were able to meet can't be duplicated. The thought of that being taken away from young girls who dream of one day becoming a pro cheerleader scares me!

" Why do leftists have contempt for cheerleading and cheerleaders (who, after all, choose to be cheerleaders -- and for virtually no pay)?

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Eighteen years ago, when Vince Mc Mahon talked about the first version of his pro-football league, he continuously made the boast that his league would have the best cheerleaders.

If I were to tell you that a growing group of killjoys wants to ban NFL cheerleading, would you guess that this group is on the political left or right? They're the religious ones with all the sexual hang-ups. In The Boston Globe, Margery Eagan, Globe columnist and co-host of NPR's "Boston Public Radio," wrote a column titled "It's time to say goodbye to the NFL cheerleaders." She described NFL cheerleading as "creepy and demeaning." USA Today sports columnist Nancy Armour came to the same conclusion: "The underlying premise of NFL cheerleaders is degrading. NFL cheerleaders need to go." Chicago Tribune sports reporter Shannon Ryan wrote, "The league has shown only that it regards cheerleaders as pieces of sideline eye candy." To make her point, she asked, "why aren't there scantily dressed male cheerleaders and dance teams?