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Dating and texting

Dating and texting-35

It’s called being “breezy,” and have no expectation of an immediate response.

Special note to the guys who are more likely to ghost: If you’re tempted to ghost someone, you need to man up and tell her either on the phone or in person.Yes, it may sting a little bit and even hurt, especially if you didn’t see it coming.Try not to take it too personally because it is a poor reflection of them, NOT YOU.On the surface, it may look like I just pulled this out of thin air, but as I reflect more and more on couples I’ve worked with, there is a sound basis for me to make this assertion. Of course, there are exceptions such as couples in bi-coastal relationships, or couples where one or both tend to travel a good amount for business reasons.Having said that, I highly recommend using text more for scheduling time together, rather than as your principal means of communication.But through an authentic conversation, you may be able to get a good read on things.

If this budding relationship takes off, know that sharing your wants, needs, and expectations is an exercise in communication and compromise anyway, so have on your radar how you and your potential partner move through these kinds of conversations.

It’s not uncommon these days for some budding relationships to spend hours on the phone having full-blown conversations via text.

However, when a relationship is starting to flower things can get lost in text translation.

While it is flattering to receive those sweet “thinking of you” messages and sending them with the hopes of a returned emoji, it’s important not to build that expectation (for yourself or others) without laying the groundwork of real communication.

So, if it feels right, go ahead and send a text with relaxed confidence.

So, there may be some texting etiquette to keep in mind before the romance can fully bloom and/or not die on the vine.