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Dating and rejection

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It means that when the relationship ended, they didn’t drive their ex’s car into a river or kidnap their dog.

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She can’t control what this person does, but she can control what she does.Since I classify myself as a straight male, it is only proper for me to describe the male perspective, or my experiences revolving around how difficult it can be to date with depression.The first objective is to get out of your house and venture off into some type of social setting.I think we—and by extension you—should rethink these attitudes.First of all, someone being on good terms with an ex is a good thing.Be encouraging to their endeavors without micromanaging or trying to steer them toward something.

Be optimistic for the opportunities that arise without adding too much extra pressure.

If you can have a discussion about these things and come to an agreement about what an acceptable future might look like for both of you, you might find that this behavior subsides. This article was originally published by GREY Journal.

Or you might find that your visions of a perfect relationship are at odds and if that’s the case, it’ll be time to part ways. Alex H Stone and his cat Jeff live in Minneapolis, MN. In his free time he enjoys taking pictures and sneaking into places he shouldn’t sneak into—but don’t tell anyone.

Depression can make dating a horrifying part of life by combining one’s fear of being alone with the idea of not being worthy or good enough for another’s love.

Each gender and sexual orientation faces their own set of difficulties with this concept, and one does not have it easier than the other.

Although I don’t recommend this method, as a male in his early 20s with a fraternity background, a bar is still one of the few social settings I can mentally endure.