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Dating and personality disorders

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It’s not the BPD’s fault – this is just what happens.Squash these feelings of loneliness, bored and love-seeking you have and you’ll begin to respect yourself a lot more.

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Difficulty will of course depend on how self-aware the person in question is and how well they have learned to manage interpersonally.They may see you as their favorite person one minute and an evil person the next minute; this is informally called “splitting”.The person may also become clingy or move very, very fast as forming bonds very quickly and having poor boundaries is also a part of BPD.We all have fantasies but it’s important to not try to make them reality.A BPD will make you feel like you’ve found the perfect partner – need to survive and succeed in this world!Abandonment and loss are major fears of someone with this disorder.

If he/she senses that you are going to break off the relationship, they may go into survival mode and start searching for other partners in advance or cheat.

I can’t stress how important it is to calm your feelings and think outside your head for a minute.

Take notice of what whirlwind romance and don’t let it suck you up.

Things just happen and before we know it, we’re caught up too deep to pull ourselves out.

Almost every single relationship involves some sort of honeymoon period where you’re both in a whirl of emotional highs. Love is a connection that builds over a long period of time. But it’s really due to these deeper mindset issues when we allow our feelings and emotions to carelessly flow free so early.

This is why changing your mindsets is the key to success.