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Dating a married taurus man

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From a material and physical perspective, this is one of the most solid signs out there.From the perspective of making money and dominating other men, achieving a high social status and being respected, this is a very solid sign.

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Since he cannot get this from better looking and younger women, he will always run to you.However, from an emotional perspective, it is not uncommon for the Taurus to give up everything for physical progress, and one of these things he gives up is emotional progress.You can read more about this in my special Taurus Love Forecast for the year ahead.However, you must keep in mind that there is a big difference between being challenged emotionally and drama.He does not want real drama; he just wants emotional challenges – specifically – opportunities for growth together, opportunities for reaching the next level emotional connection.As long as you know how to read this you can have an emotional edge over him. Give him love the way he expects to be loved, and be very clear about it.

The more you do this, the more you become an emotional habit for him.

The answer is he can, he may, but it does not necessarily mean that he will. It almost seems that there are certain situations that he would automatically cheat. Depending on his background, depending on his experiences, depending on how he looks at life and depending on his attitude – certain temptations might be easier for the Taurus man to give in to.

If you are tempted in thinking in those terms, check yourself. In many situations, he would never give in to temptation. So, if you do not want your Taurus male partner to cheat on you, or to stab you in the back emotionally, read this special report carefully.

The bull can get really set in his ways, and it is very hard for him to break habit.

Once you become an emotional habit for him, hopefully a positive habit, you are in for the long haul.

In my experience this is the biggest giveaway sign that the Taurus man is about to cheat or be unfaithful.