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Dating a gibson mastertone banjo

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I can travel anywhere and I pay good prices promptly! Please call or e-mail today for an appointment to see, play or discuss the larg est selection of guaranteed original, 1930’s Prewar Gibson Conversion Banjos as well as fully original Prewar Flathead Mastertones.I strive to keep the largest selection on hand at all times.

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We sell items on consignment and cannot end any listings early for a' Buy It Now' You may be able to save money on comb Looks like a 1970s Gibson RB-250 resonator. Please refer to the BANJO HANGOUT where I am a member in good standing under the name Lou Bourbon. A note from the owner indicates: Banjo came from Kalamazoo. Note the serial number and look indicates probably 19) Feel free to email me if you have any other questions or send me your email address if you'd like to see more photos. Please be sure to view my other current auctions and our ebay store. is an experienced retail store located in Muscle Shoals. We have been providing our customers with high quality products, and outstanding service for over 20 years, with specific attention to detail regarding customer satisfaction. Sound, set up with low action and plays fine There is a clear head with an"X" motif on a brown piece of vinyl. Other than two changed tuners to Scruggs style the banjo is is in original condition and set up well. There is an original case included and we will pack it really well for safe shipping. The buyer must contact Rock Bottom Music before making payment if added insurance is desired. Great Playing RB-250 With Non-Original Hardshell Case In Nice Condition(Black Plush Interior) The Man Who Used To Own This Banjo Played w/ Horns And Had A 5th String Capo Professionally Installed So That He Could Play In Any Key. I was actually keeping this banjo for a backup to my other Greg Rich Gibson RB250. The fret board is ebony with cream colored binding. The head is a 5-Star frosted head in good condition. International buyers please check before bidding as shipping cost and country requirements may be prohibitive.I'd be HAPPY to speak with you directly about any item I list. The back of the headstock says RB-250 Made in the USA. There is a minor ding on the edge of the bowl between the bindings, where it would be near your body. 991XXXXX COLOR BROWN FINISH ORIGINAL FRETBOARD EBONY WITH INLAYS FRET WARE SOME ACTION GREAT NUM. OF STRINGS 5 PICKUPS N/A TUNER ORIGINAL AND NON HANDED RIGHT BODY TYPE BANJO NECK ATTACH. WEIGHT 9.9 CASE ORIGINAL HARDSHELL MADE IN USA COMMENTS CHECK OUT THIS SWEET GIBSON MASTERTONE RB-250 FROM 1972! All parts are original except the strings and head(skin) Included are: A brown wrap-around capo- A fifth-string capo that has been attached to the banjo already- Several plastic and metal picks- An Intellitouch detachable tuner- Mother-of-Pearl inlay- An adjustable leather strap with a cushioned shoulder part that is made of a soft. UP FOR AUCTION IS A GIBSON RB-250 MASTERTONE BANGO WITH ORIGINAL CASE DO NOT KNOW THE YEAR LOOKS AND SOUNDS GOOD NOT REAL KEEN ON MUSICAL EQUIPMENT BUT DO KNOW BRAND NAMES AND GIBSON LOOKS TO BE EXPENSIVE TO ME. Bid with and honest e Bay seller since 19985.200 feedback.99 % positive.1958 Gibson Bowtie in museum condition. Great Stanley sounding banjo, huge bluegrass sound and very, very LOUD. This auction is for a Gibson Epiphone RB-250 Banjo that was part of my grandfather's collection who passed away in June 2013. I have received several emails concerning this banjo stating that it is an Epiphone Rb-250. Purchaser will essentially be buying a new Gibson get to put the wear on the frets and scratches on the resonator because there is nothing there now. Direct shipping has proven effective and safe for me for This is a full set of 4 Gibson Firebird Tuners(NO SCREWS OR BUSHINGS. Please take a look at the pictures or ask any questions you want. Bidding starts at ONE PENNY and NO RESERVE Good Luck and thank you for looking! Interesting old conversion banjo built around an RB-250 style pot assembly and a modified RB-100 neck that now appears as a style 75 neck.You can also click the"ME" Icon at the top of the listing page next to my seller name for the same link. 1980 Gibson RB-250 Mastertone 5 String Banjo in very good condition with some light play wear. It will be professionally packed and shipped, and it will need to be signed for at time of delivery. Because of e Bay only has 12 pictures, we wanted to show more pictures of the banjo. It is small and won’t show up in the pictures, because the wood blends into the picture. SET NECK NECK WIDTH AT NUT 1.18 BRIDGE NON ORIGINAL MODIFICATIONS TWO TUNERS HAVE BEEN CHANGED AND TWO ARE ORIGINAL. Wool-like material(but is not wool- we have no idea what it is, it's really soft, like those fake polar bear rugs from Ikea) A Gibson hard shell case with a black velvet interior and an inside compartment for the tuner and picks. There is a numbered combination that does not lock. But I would prefer not to do that because it would cost a lot of money, like so much that it wouldn't be worth it unless you really love banjo. ANY QUESTIONS I WILL TRY TO ANSWER IF I DONT KNOW THE ANSWER WILL GO TO MUSIC SHOP AND ASK. Also has fitted set of"Cheat-a-keys" that will come in case pocket. I sell ONLY quality banjos and the proof is in the feedback. Me and my grandmother are not musicians and know very little about the instruments in his collection other than he took great care of them. If you have any question please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to answer them. The email continue to state that Gibson owns Epiphone and Gibson sold these Banjos under the Gibson name, as you can see on the neck, which has both names"Gibson" and"Epiphone. Sorry) These are in great condition and in perfect working order. Richie Dotson Acoustic Box Stringed Instrument Repair Chesterfield. The shell appears to be a 1928 TB3 with an archtop-no hole tone ring. This neck was done by Rual Yarbrough(Former Bill Monroe banjo player and owner of a music store in Muscle Shoals Alabama) Rim has a JLS#12 flathead tonering installed. Hole drilled on opposite side of neck to play a right handed instrument in a left handed fashion.We also promptly purchase other older banjos with names like: Kel Kroydon, Recording King, Studio King, S. Stewart, Truett, Kalamazoo, Charles Mc Neil and Ward.If you are considering buying, selling or trading any pre war Gibson banjo or any related parts, please call or e-mail me first.Please post any comments, particularly bugs in the user feedback section.

Note: Custom shop guitars are not supported The Gibson Serial Number Decoder currently supports 6 formats from 4 Factories.

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There is one small hole by each of the cam tuners where the old cam tuner's"stop posts" were screwed in. This wonderful geometric inlay design was never used in production because the cost of the hand inlay was prohibitive. White, blue painted eagle for the RB-350 resonators. 2 added cam D tuners and 5th string capo,heel& headstock crack repairs, Done professionally and hard to see. Some of the imperfections in the pictures are just glare and are not on the banjo itself. This will be a players dream without having to pay the big bucks for an all original one. I like to buy and sell mostly Gibson Banjo related items. The sidewall was stripped and refinished, while the back was overcoated and the original finish left intact. From waaranty card Date- 5/19/03 Model RB-250 SN 250-03-107 Near Mint- Beautiful sound. From Gibsons web much of the info should be the same Body/Pot Resonator, 3-ply Mahogany, Rim, 3-ply Maple, Binding, White, Flange, Std. Has an ODE 5th string capo, which I like alot; easy to use and not in the way as much. I purchased this from the original owner and over all it is in great condition. Little fret wear, still a lot of playing left on them.

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It measures 13 7/8" in diameter and 2 11/16" inches deep on the side. I will stand behind these parts and I will never send you something that is broken(unless advertised as such) nor will I pass off low quality work as anything but the truth. As far a looks and play ability this banjo is solid and ready to go. The resonator head is signed by Earl Scruggs and Little Roy Lewis of the Lewis family from Augusta. The instrument is in overall very good player's condition.