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Dating a celibate man

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I also think a big portion of things was looking to be involved in romantic relationships mostly with people who shared my same pursuit of sexual purity, which allowed us to have celibacy as a joint effort.

I mean, let’s face it, anyone would agree that celibacy is not necessarily the most attractive (pun intended) popular culture move.The response was quite the contrary, which should be expected, I suppose. Conversely, maybe sex is very important to you and you want to have it.Me not wanting to go on the same journey as the woman I’m seeing was seen as wrong. So with a response like the one I gave above, many people would say you can’t just do that after being with someone for a long period. Why are you seen as selfish or insensitive where in reality you’re just being honest like your partner? I simply think it means you’re just not trying to participate in something that your partner likes.SHEUN: Growing up in church, I heard my whole life that waiting until marriage to have sex was the way to do things.These convictions were only strengthened through middle and high school in my youth ministry and personal relationship with God.All the while you made a singular decision to no longer have sex?

I don’t think anyone wins with the selfish argument.

This decision carried with me through college, and the main reason for making it was knowing God was invested and involved in my everyday life.

SHEUN: For one, God has helped/blessed me to maintain celibacy by keeping me out of certain situations and helping me through the midst of hot and heavy situations.

SHEUN: I think the main benefit is looking to have my actions align with my relationship and standing with God.

I also feel like I wanted my life to be consistent for those who I minister to, as I have been involved in ministry with youth and peers for a long time.

I happen to feel that most of them are irrelevant enough to think a partner will just stay off the strength of because you made an independent decision.