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There’s definitely an invisible line that comes into play when you’re flirting at work.

You just have to know how to keep it innocent and when it’s okay to do it.Your inhibitions get lowered and you don’t think clearly.And that means you could end up taking the flirting a little too far and ruining things at work for good. If you want to be flirty by complimenting them, then make it obvious.If anything has to do with their body or any reference to sexual things, you’ve crossed a line.Things of sexual nature can’t really be taken as innocent. Most companies have policies against any touching past a handshake, but just for clarity, don’t do it.When you keep it confined to work, it becomes less of a flirtatious thing and more of a work-friend thing.

That being said, you should never, ever act on any comments you make.

[Read: How to be funny and make people love your company] #2 Keep it appropriate. If you want to keep flirting at work, you have to keep things innocent.

No sex comments and no comments that are inappropriate in nature at all.

If you know how to keep it innocent, you’ll be just fine.

Crossing the line while flirting at work can be dangerous for your career, too It’s not just about getting in trouble with your significant other if you flirt with someone else while at work, it’s also about putting your career on the line. Nobody really wants to work with someone who can’t keep things professional.

Here’s how you can continue flirting at work without ruining your job or relationship. Instead of making your flirty comments serious and extremely flirty, say them more as a joke.