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Danger signs of online dating

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With more and more people leading busy and stressful lives with little time for socialization, it's no wonder that online dating only continues to increase in popularity.

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Malware and/or hackers could target traffic coming to or leaving a known dating site in order to intercept vital information.Symantec reported as recently as summer 2016 there were a minimum of 13 fake or cloned sites perpetrating the same dating site scams; fake verification.Verification is a service offered by a variety of social media and dating outlets but usually reserved for celebrities and other public figures whose profiles might otherwise be met with skepticism.To find one all you have to do is create an account and log in, the fake contact requests and private messages will start flooding in and, in some cases, you may even have to upgrade your account to a paid premium service in order to read them.If you’re not sure someone is fake here’s a hint, the messages contain only the simplest and most general types of sentences that could be interpreted in a dozen ways, and get repeated over and over again from message to message.When logging onto one of the dozens of dating and hook-up sites on the Internet what becomes quickly evident is that many, if not most, of the users on the sites are fake.

Scam artists use sophisticated software, called a “robot” or “bot”, to create and operate profiles for the purposes of luring real users to give up their info.

This type of behavior may make you wonder what else he is being deceitful about.

If the person you have met seems overly curious about your activities, such as who you have been seeing or speaking with, this is a sign of a possessiveness that is unlikely to subside if you take the relationship offline.

Anyone who has no encumbrances and is fully open to a new relationship would not want to put these types of unexplained restrictions on communication.

While it's smart to avoid giving out a large amount of personal information to someone you have recently met on the Internet, if your online date is vague or completely avoids answering anytime you ask a question about her job, family or personal life, it may be a sign that there's something she does not want you to know.

They may “meet” people and begin an “e-relationship” that ends in loss of information, loss of finances or both, or worse.