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Dance moms brooke and brandon dating

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Brooke Hyland is a young dancer and singer, born in 1998 in Pennsylvania.She joined Abby Lee Dance Company at the age of 9 and soon became one of Abby's favorites.

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Abby sets Brandon and Brooke on a date in order to create chemistry before their dance, but the atmosphere is awkward and the performance goes badly.However, they believe that the agent’s visit is just a hoax to have Maddie get hired.Abby tells the moms that they will also be performing onstage and appoints Cathy as the choreographer.She starred in Dance Moms but she eventually lost interest in dance and focused on her music career.She has already released a single and in the nearest future she plans to focus on singing.Holly, who I am pretty sure identifies herself as a school principal (hopefully a school for dolls or other inanimate objects), keeps pointing out the “vicious,” “really mean” treatment that Nia silently accepts, but at no point considers removing her daughter from Abby’s talons or the glare of Lifetime’s cameras.

Finally, realizing she’s subjected her daughter to a horrific situation, Holly breaks down in tears. ” Nia asks, comforting her mother, not the other way around. No, Holly doesn’t withdraw Nia from the competition and from altogether.

Holly grows tired of her daughter Nia being cast in ethnic-related routines when given a Laquifa routine, and confronting Abby over the fact gets nowhere.

Meanwhile, Maddie dedicates her new solo "Angel" to her late grandmother.

Meanwhile, Cathy convinces the other moms to get botox in celebration of Kelly's fortieth birthday.

The moms and Abby argue over how well the dance "Where Have All The Children Gone" will be received, with its eerie theme and narrative poetry, leaving the judges to decide.

Then, proving she’s been raised on a steady diet of navel-gazing reality-TV ridiculata, Brooke adds: “I’m really not the same person I was when I was nine years old.” • When the “Snapshot” dance finally occurs, our pre-teen troupe busts out onto the stage in bikinis, sunhats, and 11 lbs of troweled-on makeup and false eyelashes. “I would kill myself if I didn’t dance,” she offers cheerily, as I try to Google the contact info for National Child Protective Services.