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D3 updating tools stuck at 0

d3 updating tools stuck at 0-42

And D3 is the best tool for job if you need to create custom data visualizations. The best way to convert this data into an understandable format is to mold it into a data visualization.

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The Launcher is now happily updating my files as it normally does on a Patch. Not sure if that's true - but if my installer crashes again (ugh, from 72% complete to restarting at 0, sadface) I will try it and post here to update. For example there is no old connections in my internet settings to even remove.I cannot see any such folder in my installation folder. On the other hand I removed the 32 file from the task manager and nothing new changed when I retried to install. I get to 10% then the Failed to find files " error appears followed by client crash.This is a new computer so there is tons of space and no antivirus at the moment.Trying to dl the beta right now but it is stuck on "Updating setup files", and has been for about 5 minutes. After trying all of the options posted to no avail, I started fiddling with it myself. If this works for you guys can you add it to the forums? What I did: Run launcher, it'll stick at 60% Open Task Manager and Kill Open C: Program Data/ Run Agent. and the stench of terror drifts on a bitter wind...

Exe from this folder before it restarts itself in task manager (A DOS window will appear, let it run all the way, it will close itself) Once it finishes, the Launcher will die. Note, I ran Agent.524 first, not sure if that is a pertinent step or not, if it is, insert it before Agent.868.

You can also disable firewalls as this can cause network problems (remember to re-enable them again afterwards though).

Make sure multiple instances of aren't running (remove all the processes, try again).

and the stench of terror drifts on a bitter wind...

But as the shadow once again crawls across our world...

If this works for you guys can you add it to the forums? Try rebooting the system into 'Safe Mode with Networking' (mash on F8 just before the windows logo comes up). After that, the update will most likely freeze, if it does reboot back to normal mode.