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Cute just started dating songs

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Whatever differences exist can only broaden our horizons and our outlook on life. I like to think I'm getting to know you better each time we go out, but the truth is you're still full of surprises.I've lost interest in seeing anyone else, Katie, because I'm falling in love with you! I didn't expect to hear that you not only studied German and Russian, but you aced a statistics course too!

That's the great thing about this relationship--we have so many things in common, like politics and hiking (and statistics!Already, I'm learning that we have so much in common. I aced my statistics test on Monday--even after we were out so late on Sunday night.I enjoy our differences, but I'm happy that we share so many similar opinions and experiences. All the more surprising as your pretty face kept coming up between my calculator and all the formulas I had to deal with!And if you really like him, you probably want him to stick around. [Read: How to know you love someone early in your romance] How to handle a new boyfriend We always tend to treat a new relationship like it’s a glass egg—fragile and precious.I’m not suggesting that you become some saint and only talk when spoken to. But listen, a relationship and the fact that you’re in one isn’t something precious that you need to handle carefully. Once you like someone, you just want to jump their bones.Though, there are some things you can do if you want to keep the mystery going for a little while longer. So many of us are scared to speak our minds in front of someone we started dating because we don’t want to lose them. Plus, if they can’t stand your opinions, that’s already a huge problem. This isn’t a bad thing, but why do you need to rush?

This article isn’t about how you need to not speak and sit with your legs closed. Stick in the honeymoon phase of your relationship as much as possible.

Just enjoy this time and then you can talk about your exes. Ah yes, once you get a boyfriend, everyone else seems to disappear.

They’re still around, it’s just you that’s dropped off the face of the earth. Instead, make sure you give your friends and family enough attention.

*Though you should sit with your legs closed in general, or at least I should*. You’re going to have sex with them, but you don’t have to do it right away.

Spend this time in getting to know each other, it’ll make the sex much better.

I suggest that you spend only 50% of your social time with your boyfriend and the rest with friends and family. We all have boundaries, and we all have to respect other people’s boundaries. Whatever you’re uncomfortable with, you need to let him know right away.