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Current dating site and chat 2013

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The social discovery market can be distilled into two primary markets: business networking and dating.While Badoo, Tagged and Meet Me position themselves as “meeting new people,” their primary use case is dating.

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Singles belong to 2.5 dating sites on average, expressing their desire to reach more people and find a better solution.While the primary hurdle for Facebook may be privacy, there are other challenges, too.Just because someone’s profile indicates they are single does not mean they are ready for dating or want to be contacted by a stranger.Women can receive hundreds of emails a week, but respond to less than 2 percent.Part of the single’s frustration is that you can’t respond to an email unless you pay.However, independent of age, four out of ten people will not post publicly on Facebook that they are using a dating app, and this arrests virality.

The reluctance to share romantic activities on Facebook seems due in part to the intimacy of dating and the desire to share only with close family and friends.

They check boxes, they answer quizzes, and they hope for the best.

This method has worked for some, but it has left millions of other users dateless and dissatisfied with their online dating experiences.

Who do we know in common and what mutual interests do we share?

But there is a site out there with 1 billion people that is quite familiar with my friends and me, as well as all of our interests: Facebook.

Despite these challenges and lack of innovation by the leaders, the online dating industry continues to be recession-proof – it is growing and has won wide acceptance among singles today.