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Cupid dating america

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The educated Colombians laugh inside there heads when they age a 40 year old walking around with a 20 year old proudly hand in hand.I felt this this stupidity in my head and that everyone was laughing at me.

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My freind got married to one, he was middle class, went out to a upper class function and immediately the Latinos identified his wife as trailer trash by her accent and mannerism, ignoring here out of the conversation, they knew her class. You can buy her all the expensive clothes but you ant change the way her trailer trash brain works.

She left him after 5 years and is now with a Latino trailer trash her own age. If you want a good wife with morals, brains and loves and treats you like a god and almost 90% of the time will stick with you, there is no greater women and than those of Japan, Philippines and India, they are schooled from childhood to be good wife's and family bonds are tight and getting one is s mission in itself.

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