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In effect, they need to be understood as a substantial force multiplier. Aside from cultural common denominators and geographic proximity, Venezuela’s energy resources are attractive from Havana’s perspective.

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A different picture – one that challenges conventional wisdom – might emerge when one considers this angle.The Cuban Intelligence Directorate – known as G2 – was initially trained by the Soviet KGB and the Stasi, the East German Ministry of State Security, the strongest intelligence agencies of the Socialist bloc during the Cold War.Moreover, the resilience that has played a key role in the survival of the Cuban communist regime for six decades can be at least partially attributed to its intelligence services’ abilities to monitor internal dissent, consolidate political rule, and keep at bay external rivals.At a first glance, it would seem that – based on classical international relations scholarship referents when it comes to assessing national power such as population, territory, natural resources, and sheer economic size – Venezuela is the senior partner.Yet a crucial factor is missing to examine how the balance of power truly works in the dynamic framework of said bilateral relation.See our Privacy Policy and Third Party Partners to learn more about the use of data and your rights.

Much has been said about the behavior of Venezuela’s Bolivarian regime, its evolving character, its dramatic economic mismanagement, and the impact it has projected throughout the American hemisphere, including its bilateral ties to Cuba.

Nevertheless, a Cuban request for economic assistance was rejected by Caracas.

Then, other unconventional measures were implemented. In fact, Cuban military and intelligence personnel backed two forcible attempts to provoke regime change in Caracas through the instigation of an armed popular uprising.

Such a topic is important considering its deep geopolitical implications.

It also raises pertinent questions: What if Venezuela is not necessarily the senior partner after all?

Its training and methods are based on the development of professionalism rather than improvisation, unlike other Latin American intelligence agencies.