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Consolidating project schedules

Program Management Plans are initiated in order to meet or exceed business’ critical success factors with the combination of various small and big projects.It demands close integration of processes, communications and close monitoring of program resources and setting their priorities.

It also identifies main stakeholders, and sets project milestones in a broad way.While in others they use these terms for different purposes.Let me clarify you that actually these two terms have different meaning…. Project plan is a very broad level plan prepared initially. It is intended for defining projects’ overall vision.So, now I hope you are clear about the basic differences between the two plans.Takeaway: Program Management plan often creates anxiety among Project management professionals. Let me touch upon the Topic “Program Management to make you clear about the difference between Project Management and Program Management.It offers direction to all those involved in the project, directly or indirectly.

This roadmap sets the overall course for the project. Here, a common ambiguity relates to the equating of the project plan to the project timeframe that happens to be just a singular component of the same.

It serves as a reference of authority for the future of the project.

Baselines Also referred to as performance measures (as the overall performance of any given project is measured against them).

Here are the essential 10 steps for creating a project plan.

Often misunderstood across the life of a project, a project plan comprises of living documents that can be expected to keep changing in some way or the other.

But the people who are practicing, Project management principles, often encounter these two terms.