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Consolidating files in itunes

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After decades of digital music, it's not unlikely if you've amassed quite the collection of music on your computer's hard drive.If your i Tunes library is taking up too much space, you can move it off of your local drive and onto an external hard drive without breaking your music collection.

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If you are sharing the i Tunes Library between two Macs, there is a further step.You can check that i Tunes is referencing the new i Tunes Media folder by Right-Clicking and selecting Get Info on any media file in i Tunes, and checking the Where location on the summary page: 9.) If you are running a single Mac system, then the process is complete.Note that you will have to have the external drive connected to access any of your previous i Tunes content in future.If you have added files from other locations on your hard drive – such as the Movies folder – without copying them into the i Tunes Media folder by Option (Alt)-Dragging them onto i Tunes to create references, you need to consolidate all your files into one place.This is required because i Tunes will not copy those files along with the i Tunes Media folder if you drag and drop to the new drive, and you may lose the paths in i Tunes to those files entirely.Your Library will now be accessible on the second system.

You will need to copy the i Tunes folder over every time your Library is updated with new content on the “primary” Mac, as otherwise the Library database on the “secondary” Mac will quickly become outdated and incomplete.

Press Consolidate and i Tunes will begin the transfer: 7.) i Tunes will now begin copying all your i Tunes media files, regardless of their original location, to the new drive.

Dependent on how much media you have, this could take a significant amount of time.

To consolidate your Library and move it to it’s new location at the same time, click on File in the i Tunes Finder Bar, navigate to Library and select Organize Library: 5.) From the pop-up dialog box, ensure Consolidate files is ticked.

If your i Tunes Library dates back to a version prior to i Tunes 9, you may need to tick Upgrade to i Tunes Media organization.

The last reason is that if you are running a two Mac system – say a desktop and a laptop – having your i Tunes Library on a portable drive means that you can maintain only one Library and access it on both computers.