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Confident online dating profile

And, when we view other people’s profiles, we think we’re getting a clear picture of who they are. The truth is that the profile format plays into our irrational tendency to extrapolate a great deal from small bits of information.In particular, when we’re looking at our own dating profile, we subconsciously fill in tons of details that a stranger wouldn’t be able to.

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As people gravitate towards longer hours at the office and less time out mingling with singles their age, online dating is becoming an increasingly popular choice to meet a potential mate. She is a regular contributor for online dating sites.Take advantage of these opportunities and have fun and be creative with your dating profile. Guest Account – who has written 73 posts on Geekand Jock.Studies are showing that using Tinder can cause a significant plummet in self-esteem. After all, people are more than 6 pictures and a bio no one reads.Having enough confidence to state what you believe in and what you want is a good thing.But alienating people because you’re being too forward is not.But profiles — as we know them — force us to productize ourselves.

A Tinder profile isn’t all that different from, say, a product page on JCrew

Unfortunately, dating apps today exacerbate a major flaw in our thinking.

Thing is, we think our profile clearly shows us as we are.

Unless of course you’re going to spend your entire profile professing your love for cats. You want your date to recognize you when you walk in to meet them for the first time, not be crest-fallen because they expected one thing and got another. There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance, and once you cross into the field of arrogance you’re doomed.

Everyone wants to date someone who likes themselves, but no one wants to date the person who is in love with themselves.

In essence: what you’re seeing is not what strangers will see when they look at the same 6 pictures.