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Dale Mabry Hwy, the same as the current address for this Futuro.Earlier references suggest that this Futuro arrived at its current location in 1968 though frankly that always seemed extremely unlikely given that the generally documented first appearance of the Futuro in the United States was at the Philadelphia International Airport in 1969.

Whether you are a Nudist, Naturist, or Clothing Optionalist, this site can satisfy your unique living needs! It covers information like: Shopping, schools, hospitals, airports, beaches and theme parks, etc.The image is displayed here courtesy of the Tampa Bay Times.The 103070 issue of The Tampa Times carried a short article along with a photo of a fully assembled Futuro (described not as a Futuro but as a "contraption") sitting on a flat bed truck in a parking lot on N. It is interesting to note that the article places the photo on N.When Sims Crane first lifted the saucer, gusts of wind caused the Futuro to smash into the side of the club.After repairs, they succeeded on a calmer day." De Long and his partners were later pressured into selling the club to Mafia boss Santo Trafficante Jr..Always happy to "talk Futuro" (we doubt that would come as a surprise to anyone) a few days later we chatted for quite sometime about the Futuro, its history and about the Tampa Futuro(s) in particular.

The resulting article, titled "That spaceship on top of a Tampa strip club?

It is an iconic piece of architecture and this site is devoted to documenting the history of the Futuro and the current status and whereabouts of the remaining examples.

In early July 2019 Tampa Bay Times journalist Gabrielle Calise contacted us regarding an article on this Futuro she was researching.

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The "traditional" history for this Futuro suggests that a Tampa bar owner Pasquale "Pat" Matassini drove past a Futuro in Sebring in 1998, purchased it and placed it on top of the 2001 Odyssey club.