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Client profile updating utility

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Supported Configurations The Client Profile Updating Utility supports the vast majority of client computer configurations.Specifically, all mail clients and operating systems listed below are supported in any valid combinations.

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Offline Microsoft Outlook profiles are also updated in accordance with the settings you made when you specified in the INI file.Overview 3 What the Utility Updates The Client Profile Updating Utility updates the profile settings, and also finalizes the mailbox migration by migrating additional features of user mailboxes.IMPORTANT: If you use CPUU with On Demand Migration for , review Working with On Demand Migration for for the list of supported features and other information.CPUU supports Microsoft Outlook 2007/2010/2013/2016. It can be used in conjunction only with the following products: Dell Migration Manager 8.11 or later On Demand Migration for TIP: For details how to use CPUU with ODME, see Working with On Demand Migration for Terminology Throughout this document, the following terms are used: Source servers: the Exchange servers from which the data is migrated Target servers: the servers to which the data is migrated Console: the computer on which Migration Manager for Exchange is installed Hereafter, unless a specific Exchange version is meant, "Exchange" denotes Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010, Exchange 2013, Exchange 2016 organizations, servers, mailboxes, etc.Configuring and Running the Client Profile Updating Utility To configure CPUU, create one configuration file (. WARNING: A WARNING icon indicates a potential for property damage, personal injury, or death.

and international copyright and intellectual property laws. Legend CAUTION: A CAUTION icon indicates potential damage to hardware or loss of data if instructions are not followed.

INI) and three batch files for it using the Dell Client Profile Updating Utility Configuration wizard.

Include the resulting files in the logon script for the domain users.

Additional features are specific custom settings of a particular user mailbox and its environment.

Additional features include sets of services, groups of settings, Microsoft Outlook controls, and links to the mailbox objects, public folders, Global Address List, and so on.

However, only those Exchange Server and Outlook combinations are supported that are also supported by Microsoft.