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Christian dating and waiting

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So, I know what it’s like to want to be married, to see all your friends getting married, to go to social events and wonder if every guy that as much as looks your way is ‘the one’.

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What is God teaching you in your time of ‘waiting’?Knowing that someone has always got your back is worth the wait.So, if you’re where I was a few years ago- praying to God and feeling like He’s not listening, or somehow has forgotten about you, trust me when I say that it’ll be worth it in the end.There’s something liberating about that kind of independence. I made some mistakes; quite a few of them actually.I really believe that until you learn to love and accept yourself as a single person, and not see yourself as a failure, or singleness as something to be ashamed of, you’ll keep making the same mistakes that I made, albeit in different forms. The empty tomb emptied them of their doubts and desperation then.

There would be no solution to their desperation u And the same Savior who defied the odds for them on that first Easter Sunday defies the odds for you on this Easter Sunday.

Being married to my husband is worth all the prayers, tears, heartbreaks and past rejections. Having someone that allows you to be all you can be is worth the wait.

Having someone that respects you and your opinion is worth the wait.

Our society constantly preaches that instead of going out and finding love, women should wait to be found, as if the only good men are the ones who will break their backs to do the finding.

As Christians, we should be firmly denying this twisted mentality of romance.

Have you ever been in a relationship and known that something just didn’t feel right?