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Christian dating advice sex

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Here are some timeless tips for women and girls struggling with porn.

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Christian View on Premarital Sex- One woman’s story of how pre-marital sex ruined her marriage.Sex Satisfaction for the Christian Marriage- This husband and wife team talk about serving one another within the marriage bed.Regaining Sexual Intimacy After Your Trust has been broken- Broken trust can ruin a marriage.The following article, Sexual Feelings of Christian Single Women, was written by a single Christian woman who is also a mental health professional.The writer thought it important that single Christian men, in their fight against lust and quest for sexual purity in dating relationships, understand how the sexual feelings of Christian single women work: I just want to say to all the Christian men who think single Christian women don’t think as much about sex as you do – we do.This is because emotional and intellectual connection are generally more of what turn women on.

As a woman who was sexually abused in her own home at a very young age, I have struggled a lot with sexual impurity and guilt that my mind fantasizes about my current Christian boyfriend.

Christian Sex Rules You Need to Know- This post challenges our common beliefs about sex and exposes lies many Christian believe.

Healthy Christian Sexuality- How do you respond when you hear “Healthy Sex Life in Christian Marriage”? Or by looking down hoping the topic will go away (or die)?

Here are 4 Things Every Christian Can Do about Homosexuality Christian Sex Advice- 14 Top Tips for having a healthy, passionate marriage bed. Shades of Gray rocked the marriage and relationship scene and left many women asking, “Should we use porn in our marriage to spice things up? Ever wondered about things like sex toys, oral sex, or porn? This post explores what Scripture says about dating and sex before marriage. This post and accompanying resource will help you stop feeling GUILTY about your low sex drive and offers practical tips instead.

This post walks you through a biblical process for deciding what is okay and what defiles the marriage bed. A breath of fresh air from a genuine Christian sex therapist.

6 Ways to Encourage Intimacy when You “Don’t Feel Like It”- It happens.