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Arrogant, brilliant and flashy, Med surgeons Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell), Ava Bekker (Norma Kuhling), and Isidore Latham (Ato Essandoh) top the pecking order at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. And on Fire, Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) reluctantly volunteered to snoop on one of his own accused of evidence theft. As in real life, many first responders are veterans and reservists. Jeff Clarke (Jeff Hephner), who moved from Fire to Med, was an Iraq War vet.

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As Second Lady, Gore was one of 150 photographers for 24 Hours in Cyberspace which took place online on 8 February 1996."From a writing standpoint, it's great, and it makes the shows more seamless." Even Beghe, who describes himself as "a solitary man, much like [my] character," flawed Intelligence chief Hank Voight, finds the crossovers more "inclusion than intrusion.It's realistic," he says, noting, "The only territory is Chicago." The cast intermingling onscreen — there are 27 regular players among the three dramas — has also extended to a family feel offscreen.The dedicated and good-looking first responders can't keep from falling for each other — or breaking up. "It's unclear whether they'll get together or become friends." Fire's Lieutenant Casey and Med's Dr. Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) suffered insomnia and nightmares from his time in Afghanistan. Halstead, who has ignored protocols to save fatally ill patients, jeopardizing his license; Fire's Severide, who once lost his lieutenant stripes for butting heads with higher-ups; and, of course, P.Halstead exhibited anger and anxiety after each was nearly shot in the head while on duty. D.'s Voight, the "my way" cop who only cooperates with bosses if it will help his team. Whether it's pulling passengers out of a chopper teetering over a roof ledge or saving a coworker trapped in a collapsed garage, Fire's rescue sequences are never less than heart-pounding. Lieutenant Herrmann is in charge of the fire truck, while Lieutenant Severide heads up the squad specializing in rescue operations and scene clean-ups. D.'s Intelligence detectives Upton and Burgess played bigtime illegal-gun buyers. Halstead agreed to bug a mobster, who happened to be a patient, at the behest of his cop brother, Jay. D.'s Detective Halstead is a former Ranger; and Lt.We want to entertain people and, while we do it, have a good time and all get along." Life can be tough for paramedics on the ambo — Chicago Fire Department slang for ambulance. "They're a group of super-elite crime-solvers, assigned to the toughest crimes out there," says Beghe of the P. team, known for often having a loose interpretation of rules and regulations.

Fire's Ambulance 61 pays tribute to paramedic Leslie Shay (Lauren German) on the driver's front door, where her name, birthday, and death date (an on-the-job fatality at the end of Season 2) are inscribed. has heavier content and it's more subdued, while the Med set is all about medical exposition and jargon. doors, too, whether bringing in patients or needing care themselves. Epatha Merkerson), Med's ethical chief of services, usually sides with her people rather than the hospital's board. D.'s Voight (Beghe) is rough around the edges but will do anything for his squad. When it comes to tongue-twisting terms, nothing beats the medical profession.

She loves the work, no matter how tough or dirty, and was recognized for both her skills and her tenacity in a rescue.

Pussy Riot Member Released After Detention – Pussy Riot member Maria Alyokhina was detained at a police station in Crimea for the second time in two days.

Interaction among the three dramas has become de rigueur, made even easier now that they occupy a three-hour block. itself turns into an E., as when a car smashed into the front bay, nearly killing a hospital worker. "These shows all feature high-stress, high-risk professions." Fire and P. "We all love that." Being a firefighter is not just about putting out flames and rescuing folks.

"It’s like your cousins come over for a holiday," says Med's Nick Gehlfuss (Dr. It's also about cooking up enough tasty grub to keep your shiftmates happy. "We really show the importance of nurses and how doctors rely on them," says Da Costa.

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