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Chelsea handler dating her boss

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She was everygirl in the sense that she was out there dealing with the trial and error that comes with being a single young woman in the dating world, and we liked her for surviving with humor and toughness intact.Today, Handler has a bestseller, “Are You There, Vodka?

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It didn’t matter that most readers hadn’t experienced anything close to the bizarre exploits Handler recounted: We could still relate.It’s Me, Chelsea,” and her own late-night show on E!She’s also moved up in her personal life: Her latest boyfriend is a CEO, who is also her boss, though she’s the bossy one -- a situation used to comic effect in “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang” with mixed results.Both stars were at CBS for “meetings.” Nothing ever happened.There’s no question about it: Chelsea Handler is smart and funny. “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang,” her latest collection of essays, follows the formula of her last two books -- zany, at times implausible, situations with a running commentary full of biting observations. haven’t gotten the message, Chelsea Handler is doing all she can to make it known that she’s on the market for a new gig.

Whether everyone in the market is interested in her services is another question.

'”) As you might expect, Handler did not mince words.

“She would never say anything to my face,” Handler said. She would never, ’cause she’s f–ing scared, and she should be.

“Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang” makes you wish that Handler would start focusing her talent on subjects more worthy of her wit.

Or another way to put it: It’s one thing to have an original voice, it’s another thing to keep it.

Cases in point: A few years back, I saw Nicole Kidman coming out of a meeting with CBS brass.