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Actually total avoidance of eye contact could be interpreted as a sign of hiding something.It is good to speak in calm, soft and audible voice.

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For example, in most cases, Ethiopians will not take a seat before their guests.There are political overtones to most aspects of life in Ethiopia and therefore, politics is a common subject of discussion.However, one should be very careful as opinions can be very strong and there are risks involved in talking in public about ones political views. Only ask a few broad questions or comments about politics unless you really know the person. Political issues generally do not really involve foreigners—and it is risky to take sides unless one really knows what is going on. As in all cultures, one has to be careful of ’insider’ jokes. If someone dies it is very important to give your condolences—even to go to a wake/funeral for a few minutes is important.As Westerners we tend to be more inquisitive than Ethiopians—and sometimes our questions are not that appreciated as they wonder why we want to know so much and may feel suspicious.One has to carefully watch body language to know how the other is feeling.As is the case in every society, Ethiopians come from different ethnic, family background, life style, education and work experience and individuals have their unique characteristics.

However most Ethiopians are very welcoming, friendly, generous and respectful and expect the same in return.

Most Ethiopians show self pride and do not accept easily being seen as less worthy.

Most of the time a topic for discussion will depend on the age and gender of the person and the popular topic in the city or the country. Ethiopians tend to exhibit traditional values—they are conservative and modest. Ethiopians generally pride themselves as a culture of hospitality (ie., the traditional coffee ceremony).

This line of questioning can be interpreted as what is your ethnicity and there are very many people who consider this line of questioning as divisive.

It is advisable to avoid discussion on religion, sex or sexuality and local politics because it is hard to tell where people stand on these topics.

Therefore, it is preferable to avoid discussion about family matter unless advice is solicited (either by you or by the other person).