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Characteristics of female perpetrators and victims of dating violence

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Nobody deserves to suffer abuse in a relationship — nobody.Sexual offending, or the commission of sexual offences, is a complex problem, whose causes are multi-factorial.

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Child sexual abusers who meet the diagnostic criteria of pedophilia are more likely than their non-pedophile counterparts to have abused young people, males, and people from outside their family, and to have abused a number of children.It happens in heterosexual, gay and lesbian relationships.However, researchers have found that some people are more likely to become the victims of domestic violence. Department of Justice estimates that 95 percent of the assaults on partners or spouses is committed by men against women.However, such behaviour is typical of only a minority of perpetrators.Nowadays, the term online predator is used to refer to people who contact a minor over the Internet for the purpose of committing a sexual offence (i.e. Inappropriate use of the term sexual predator can create the false impression among the public that most sexual assaults are committed by people who are not known to the victim and who seek out and choose their victim at random.Statistical methods are used to generate perpetrator profiles based on the characteristics of small samples of convicted sex offenders.

Caution must be exercised in using these profiles because they are not necessarily representative of all perpetrators and are not mutually exclusive.

Motivations of perpetrators of sexual assault against women The motivations for sexually assaulting adult females vary.

Therefore, there is a diversity of typologies of perpetrators of sexual assault against women.

They can help you find resources and get you further help.

Leaving domestic violence can sometimes be a process that doesn’t happen all at once, because of fear of the abuser and needing to ensure you have the resources to leave and continue your life in peace.

Child sexual abusers rarely use physical coercion to commit their crimes.