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Cat rescue dating

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BCR had always done their part to help small cats too and any feral cats that wandered onto their property were trapped and fixed and then cared for at the sanctuary or adopted out with volunteers.

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The Siam, later called the Siamese, was revered by royals and rumored to be sacred.Although Luna was fine she was very shaken up by the experience and I knew from that day on, that it was unlikely they’d ever be friends 🙁 So Luna was living by herself for a long time, I’d go in there a few times a day to make a fuss and spend time with her but I still felt bad for her not being able to explore more and really enjoy life indoors with us…Then Jess moved in, so I moved my office into the smallest bedroom/bathroom at the other end of the trailer, this made room for all of her belongings…Situations were changing with new cats being rescued and it was just me and Cali living in a pretty big two bedroom trailer, so we decided it would be best if she could come and live with us in the spare room.Luna was a pretty little girl, but she was very shy and skittish, it was my first experience caring for a semi feral cat and it took a lot of time for her to feel comfortable with me.Plus it meant that I could work all day and Luna would be there with me rubbing on my legs and getting much more attention 🙂 Many months after Dean passed away we made the decision to move out of the trailer into an apartment around the corner from the sanctuary.

We took Cole with us, but Jack and Luna remained at the sanctuary and I continued to work from the trailer everyday…

I first moved to America in May 2008 to work at BIG CAT RESCUE, I lived on site in a trailer and had a leopard for a neighbor!

Big Cat Rescue is a sanctuary in Tampa for rescued big cats, it was founded in 1992 in a pretty rural area, but since then outlets had sprung up around it and a mall was opened half a mile away in 1999.

As well as space for animals to be rehomed, SPCA’s Wellington Centre, known as the Margaret Doucas Animal Hospital has a full veterinary hospital providing care for the animals in the community as well as those in SPCA care.

With a focus on community engagement and proactive solutions to animal needs, there is also the opportunity to hire areas of the Centre for functions and events.

With time she began to warm up to me and eventually she allowed me to pet her…