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I was not ready to trust a teenage boy with that information.And congenital syphilis sees the STI passed to the baby in utero, she said, which can cause a number of deformities, as well as cognitive impairment.Canada has endorsed the United Nations' goal of working toward the elimination of sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections as a health concern by 2030.Untreated syphilis, for example, can lead to: And STIs such as gonorrhea and chlamydia are major causes of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and infertility, according to WHO.Shahin said she also worries about the scarring of Fallopian tubes harming fertility of those aged 15 to 29, a potential consequence of repeated chlamydia infections that go untreated."The concern is that we may be running out of antibiotics in the next few years, potentially, as resistance increases," said Shahin.

Other factors that may be contributing to increasing rates, Shahin said, include: decreasing condom use, the rise of online dating apps, lags in sexual health education, and an overall increase in STI testing.

So it becomes very overwhelming for our staff on the ground and the staff in the regional office." By declaring an outbreak, Khan hopes to be able to continue to offer regular health-care services while also increasing awareness of STIs among those most affected: people who have condomless sex with new or anonymous partners.

When Tim Lagman was first diagnosed with chlamydia and gonorrhea about three years ago, he said he was shocked by the symptoms and didn't know how to get treatment.

The number of syphilis cases in Canada actually dipped for the first time in a decade during that same year — to about 4,300.

But public health officials worry that decline may be short-lived, given recent increases reported in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Rates of chlamydia and gonorrhea across Canada have jumped, according to the latest figures compiled by CBC News, which comes amid a new surge in syphilis.