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Camera speed dating

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This took a bit of fiddlying to figure out the first time and then again when I actually went to load it because of course I’d forgotten by then how it worked!

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This particular model needed alot of work to get running again, but right away it I felt it was worth it.All content, design, and layout are Copyright © 1998 - 2019 Digital Photography Review All Rights Reserved.Reproduction in whole or part in any form or medium without specific written permission is prohibited.The EOS M6 Mark II renews Canon's commitment to making small, enthusiast-friendly APS-C mirrorless cameras.With 4K video, 30 fps Raw bursts and additional controls, it's a big step forward from its predecessor. The 90D is essentially the DSLR version of the EOS M6 Mark II mirrorless camera that was introduced alongside it.Here is most recent camera I had the pleasure of a quick date with…the Konica III Rangefinder.

A quick couple of facts about the Konica III rangefinder…released in 1956, the Konica III can be easily distinguished from it’s predecessors by it’s unique film advance (and shutter cocking mechanism) on the front near the lens.

Not all are winners though and some are just easier or more fun to use but you have to shoot with them first to find out!

Thus, we decided if we run a roll through every camera we are interested in, not unlike going on a 5 minute date with a bunch of strangers at a singles night, we can quickly see which are worthy of being added to our collection (or put on our list of “must haves.”) Camera speed dating!

Whether you're hitting the beach in the Northern Hemisphere or the ski slopes in the Southern, a rugged compact camera makes a great companion.

In this buying guide we've taken a look at nine current models and chosen our favorites.

How much testing do you need to see if a camera is OK or not? I mean, I have used mine for a while now, pushing and pulling the remote in and out many times but so far can not see any indication of being worse than the D300s which worked just fine during the three years I used it. I bought the D800, knowing all the whinig about the "left AF issue" and the naging about the Auto WB, as well as the 10-pin contact but none of that is a problem for me, have no AF issue, the WB is good and the 10-pin contact is also fine. I had the D300s before, but if I would have liked the D7000 and would feel comfortable with the D600 I would have not hesitated to buy one inspite all these talk about dust and oil.