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Cacti spine not updating rrd

cacti spine not updating rrd-12

Users that rely on Cacti's bandwidth summation and 95th percentile features will appreciate the added ability to calculate a sum or 95th percentile over an arbitrary timespan.

cacti spine not updating rrd-29

For current users of Cacti, be sure to read below for important upgrade instructions regarding the new poller architecture.In this case, we will assume that even though the largest value returned is 20 bytes, we will elect to maintain a maximum output column width of 50 bytes.The important thing here is that memory tables store the full size of the column, even though the column type is varchar(). Therefore, if your system only needs 50 bytes, you will have 90% waste in your poller_output_boost table.In addition it allows the CPU load to be reduced by Caching commonly viewed graphs.In addition, it allows the RRDfile updates to be handled by an update server, thus allowing the Cacti administrator to restrict web site accounts from having to grant read/write access to the RRDfiles. Graph Zoom and Timespan features enable you to focus on different times on the graph by zooming in on a particular area or using one of the many provided timespan presets.

It is now possible to select custom graph timespans using the DHTML calendar control.

Let's say, for example, that your poller cache contains 200k rows, and the maximum length of any row is 20 bytes, about the size of a 64bit counter.

If you are running scripts, ones that return very long results, like the My SQL statistics plugin, you should consider carefully the next step.

Lastly, it allows the RRDfiles to be updated on-demand in order to maintain the traditional behavior of Cacti.

Before enabling boost, please consider very carefully how you plan to use it long term.

A Revamped Poller Architecture which supports variable log levels, multiple log destinations, auto data query recache detection, and host availability sensing.