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By ever intimidating most online phpbb powered user

For those of you who don't know, discord is like skype but actually works. This link should never expire: Mq Dn X I doubt anyone would be interested in moving conversation over there, but just in case.

My question: Would we be able to keep our usernames/posts?Okay, so the problem is that XMB (the software SM uses) has been more or less discontinued a long, long time ago.I kind of like the old-school feel of the site, but it would be better if we used an old-school forum software that's still supported.I'm less sure about the wiki, but that'd just be a matter of moving everything over as-is, and I can't imagine it being very involved.Themes can both be imported and edited, so it should be possible to match things pretty closely to the default theme here. [Edited on 2/15/18 by Melgar]Right then - just cuz it took me about three minutes i set up a discord channel.Since I know how much we all love reading PDF files, here's a link to the php BB documentation: I tried out the dark theme for a while (It's my theme on discord and youtube) but I disliked the XMB version of the dark theme.

We could run a poll to see how many people use the standard theme.

php BB has a million different extensions too, and new ones are constantly being developed, unlike with XMB.

The way I'd planned to do it, there's really no risk of losing data, since two sites would be running until we've determined that we're sure that nothing is missing.

I checked around a bit, and php BB is an early forum software package that's still going strong, and seems familiar. A bunch of php code would need to be rewritten so that links stay working from outside this site.

The theme would have to be remade for php BB, and a lot of the text would have to have its tags edited.

I'm hoping that I can help in an organizational manner, as that seems to be the only thing I can do well.