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During the closing session, Rowena Goldman, announced that the NEMart Jury had decided to grant the 2012 award to Michela Magas and Christopher Rea for her Synaesthesia work on “Innovative music components for collaborating and creating music with objects in real space”. She received, in recognition for her work, a piece of art extracted from the Wiki-Art web site, launched on the occasion of the 2012 NEM Summit, and inviting Internet users from all over the world to take advantage for the collaborative production of artwork.

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In 2010, the NEMart awards have been granted to 5 candidates: In 2011, at the NEM Summit held in Turin, the winner was “Isabella – The Secret Recipes” designed and developed by Virva Emilia Auvinen who works at Nokia as a Visual and UX Designer, and created the entire project in her spare time. This has also been the occasion for participants of FP7 projects and other innovation projects to promote the commercial viability of their offerings and devise a Go To Market strategy that addresses Competitor offerings, and Market Timing. The Investment Forum had been thought as a pilot initiative by the DG Connect of the European Commission with the objective to foster early stage investment in European media and technology start-ups. The participants of this study were six prospective teachers selected among the nineteen who enrolled in the course. The results showed that the prospective teachers went through five main stages during the modeling process: understanding the task, devising a solution plan, working out the plan, interpreting and verifying the model, and presenting the model. The nature of prospective teachers' modeling processes was rather result-oriented, consisting of a single cycle as they did not seek an improved solution by revising and refining their models. During the panel session Paulo Andrez, President of the EBAN – European Business Angel Network, emphasized that angel investment is indeed a key gap financing tool in Europe for young technology entrepreneurs, offering expertise and financing in the start-up phase when the companies cannot access public funds and projects are in a too early stage and thus too risky for Venture Capital funds.

The Investment Forum has been indeed the occasion for participating entrepreneurs to improve the way they approach private investors and to personally meet up with angel investors focused on their business sector.

Does steatosis affect the performance of diffusion-weighted MRI values for fibrosis evaluation in patients with chronic hepatitis C genotype 4?

By: Besheer, Tarek; Razek, Ahmed Abdel Khalek Abdel; El-Bendary, Mahmoud; et al. pylori eradication therapy: impact on eradication rates, treatment resistance, treatment-related side effects, and patient compliance By: Cekin, Ayhan Hilmi; Şahinturk, Yasin; Harmandar, Ferda Akbay; et al.

“As a result of this experience, Viorel Peca -Head of Unit in DG CONNECT- emphasised that the European Commission intends to encourage commercialisation and introduce schemes that accelerates the market readiness at a very early stage within innovation projects and thereby increase the efficiency of European investments in research and innovation”.

The main criteria for project selection were mediatech sector relevance, scalable business model, European/International focus, a strong entrepreneurial and leadership spirit and previous interest won for the project (e.g. The following 10 companies were thus selected on the basis of sector, development stage and quality of proposed products/services:– Netmera (Turkey, Istanbul) back-end services for mobile applications – Tazaldoo (Germany, Berlin), a social media content curation and verification platform – Au REEL (Austria, Vienna), a software for video annotation and augmentation – Info Dif Ltd (Turkey, Ankara), image processing and video analytics – Bevelity (Spain, Barcelona), a cloud Based application for 3D content – Witelist Ltd (Spain, Barcelona), location-based browser and mobile application – Venaka Media Ltd (UK, London) 3D system capture and offline image visualization software – Kool Fing- Rekreate D (France, Grenoble), an immersive 3D platform – Hercules Filmnetwork (Austria, Vienna), a social network platform for movie producers – Smartsy (France, Paris), visual recognition and immersive mobile experience Both entrepreneurs and investors found the event’s personalized approach to the industry extremely valuable, as they developed meaningful relationships and benefited from a wide range of investment and industrial partnership opportunities. Magio (BBC, INRIA, Surrey University, ARTEFACTO, Vicon) Moderated by Jovanka Adzic, Telecom Italia “Sourcing content from social media: a journalistic application of the Soc Io S platform”, Birgit Gray, Sara Porat, Konstantinos Tserpes (Deutsche Welle, IBM, National Technical University of Athens) “[email protected]: social enhanced reading experiences for education”, F.

Baybars Altuntas, President of the Turkish Business Angels Association and Okan Kara, National coordinator, EU Framework Programmes at Tübitak, welcomed the event in Istanbul and pointed out the current dynamism of Turkish R&D and entrepreneurship.