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Brightmail antispam not updating

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The Protector has features such as Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Anti Spyware, Content-Filter, Anti-P2P, Anti Instant Messaging, Anti Phishing and Intrusion Prevention.The Protector fits in all environments ranging from 10 to 1000 or more users. The All-In-On Unified Threat Management Protectors are fully loaded with all modules ready to protect your network.

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Key tools in Iron Mail's arsenal are the Enterprise Spam Profiler (ESP) system, User Quarantine system, and the Cipher Trust Research team.Astaro Security Gateway network security appliances provide complete, cost-effective protection against a wide range of information security threats.Astaro's technology has been tested and proven on over 25,000 networks and has won multiple awards including best Business Security Appliance of 2005 from PC Magazine.GWGuardian is compatible with any mail server, including Novell Group Wise 5.5-6.x.The gateway is deployed safely behind your corporate firewall through a single connection, effectively enhancing your server's security.This will help the Bayesian filter block more spam.

Learn from Outbound mails: In this case, GFI Mail Essentials will automatically use the information in outbound emails to improve the HAM information (information on legitimate emails). GFI Anti-Spam Public Folders: Spam emails which are not blocked by the Bayesian filter, or legitimate emails which have been incorrectly blocked as spam, can be used to train the Bayesian filter.

A key requirement for todays office is remote access to email.

MXtreme's Secure Web Mail delivers authenticated (e.g.

The wizard provides the following functionality: Improves the ham information in the Bayesian database.

This can be done by retrieving this information from the emails located in an Exchange mailbox, or in an Outlook PST file (rather then waiting for it to learn from outbound mail).

Cipher Trust's anti-spam solution provides unparalleled detection and policy enforcement capabilities, while mitigating the challenges of managing a daily outpouring of spam and unwanted messages.