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Boys scared of dating

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The thing is I’m not afraid of being single; I’m afraid of dating.The thing that makes breaking up so daunting is it must inevitably lead to going on dates, putting yourself out there and being vulnerable again.

I’d rather spread out than spread my legs for someone who means nothing to me.I’m over trying to put myself out there when all I ever get in return are bruises and emotional scars.It may sound bitter, but really, isn't it just logical not to want to deal?It’s not the whole riff raff about wasting money on a bad date that irks me; it’s my precious time that could be wasted.My time is the most valuable thing I possess, and its supplies are limited.Once you know what it’s like to get hurt, the last thing you want to do is put yourself in that situation again.

For me, I’d rather just be finished with the whole thing. I’d rather not seek out a potential partner when I know there is the potential for getting my heart broken.

It’s the idea of not having someone that makes us settle.

It’s the prospect of dying alone that keeps us tethered to something subpar.

I would rather spend it with people of substance than potentially drain it.

I don’t have it in me to be anything other than completely myself.

I know I’ll always be in love with myself, so can’t that just be enough to satiate me?