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Library of Trinity College, or in the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin, since that Edition was compiled ; with a few of the genealogies contained in that Edition, which we have been able to enlarge or correct since that Work was published : amongst them being the genealogies of the " Bennett," '^ Dillonf ," "■ Mac Grath," "O'Brien," "O'Byrne,""0'Donel,""0'Shea,""0'Toole,"'Turcellf, "and " Sweney " families, &c. But, should we live to see a second edition of this Work, and that we are sustained in its publication expenses, we shall therein give each pedigree in proper sequence and its regular alphabetical order ; as well as put in dictionary form at the top of each page of the genealogies the first three letters of the name of the family pedigree thereon given ; as we do in the Addenda to this Volume. in the Office of the Chief Remembrancer of the Exchequer, Dublin." The names appearing in those Inrolments are given in the Paper No. " that in no other country can be found a more curious or important series of historical books than these of the Commonwealth in Ireland ; and, while one cannot but regret the disappearance of so many volumes not in any way accounted for, it is fortunate that so many remain.; as they present in very considerable completeness the course of the Government of Ireland during the Commonwealth Rule." In the " Books of Survey and Distribution" (to which we shall pre- sently refer,) may be seen the names and addresses of the " Forfeited Proprietors " of the Commonwealth period, in any of the counties of Ireland ; together with the names of the persons to whom those forfeited Estates or portions of them were then conveyed. The reader who wishes to consult any of those Volumes, or any other Volume, Will, Eecord, or Document deposited in the Public Record Office, Dublin, can there do so on payment of the small fee of one shilling. We also give the names of the Regicides of Charles I. 469 in the Appendix, a few of the entries under the counties of Leitrim and Sligo ; but, as a tribute of affection for our native home, we give in their entirety* in that Paper the names of the Landed Gentry in the barony of Tyrawley and county of Mayo, in the memorable year, a.d. But, while in the Spanish Netherlands, France, Spain, and other European countries Irishmen have shed lustre on their native country, we venture to say that nowhere and under no circumstances have they displayed more heroism, magnanimity, dauntless enterprise, genius, dignity, burning zeal, good citizenship, unsullied fidelity, and adminis- trative power, than in the Service of America.!

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* Migration: The first English migration came into Ireland in 1168, in the reign of King Henry II. While O'Clery brings most of the Irish genealogies contained in his book down to a.d. It is needless to say that Her Majesty graciously accepted and acknowledged the Volume. Gentlemen, Freeholders, etc., in the " Countie of Mayoe," of the other part. Vli during the Viceroyalfcy of the Earl of Strafford, who ruthlessly- dispossessed, particularly in the province of Connaught, almost all the Catholic Proprietors, but especially the Catholic Proprietors of the Irish race, in his time in Ireland. In a future edition, however, we hope to be able to give the names of all the Irish Officers in the Confederate Army ; together with the names of any Irishmen (by birth or descent) who at any time filled the Office of Presi- dent of the United States of America, or of Governor of any State in the Union ; or who in any other position in any of our Colonies shed lustre on their Nation and their Race. even with their brief records, till a good-sized volume ; not to speak of the Irish Officers who held command in the " Rebel " or Confederate Army. Of Strafford's government we read in Darcy M'Gee's History of Ireland, Book viii., p. For any assistance which we receive in the compilation, or publication, of such a " Roll of Honour," we shall feel obliged. We might observe that every full Regiment had about thirty-five Officers. Abstract of the Acts of Settlement and Explanation ... Books of " Survey and Distribution," in Ireland ... The Commissioners to enquire into defective Titles were let loose on the devoted Pro\ince, with the noted Sir William Parsons at their head ; and the King's title to the whole of Mayo, Sligo, and Eoscommon was found by packed, bribed, or intimidated Juries. 126 (whose Title is " A Booke of Entries of the Certificates returned from the Commissioners of Revenue of the severall Precincts in Mounster : By the Commissioners of Eevenue within the Precinct of Clonmel,'") includes the names of Transplanters from the counties of Limerick, Tipperary, Waterford, Cork, and Kerry ; and the Volume I. It thus appears that names of Transplanters in five out of the six counties at present in Munster, and in ten counties in Leinster, are given in the above mentioned Volumes ; but the Volumes containing the names of the Transplanters from the Province of Ulster in the Commonwealth period are not forthcoming — are not, at least, among the Books of the Commonwealth deposited in the Public Kecord Ofdce, Dublin. There is, we find, a large number of Irish Officers at present in the Regular Army of the United States of America. Xm At the end of this Vohime we give a " List of Subscribers," who, up to the time of our going to press with that List, contributed towards the publication expenses of this Work.

The Grand Jury of Galway refused to find a similar verdict, and were in consequence summoned to the Court of Castle Chamber, and sentenced to pay a fine of £4,000 each, to the Crown. And there were no Transplanters from the Province of Connaught, nor from the county of Clare ; for, it was in Connaught and the county of Clare, that the Forfeiting Proprietors of the other Provinces! Athy (in some printed State Papers this name is incorrectly given as " Athboy"), 4. But we are bound to say that some of the Subscribers were pleased to send us subscriptions larger than those which they requested us to insert after their names ; while some Friends have requested to appear on the List as "Anonymous" ; and others have sent us Donations, with the request that their names or donations should not be published.

When, however, through Petty's Survey, the Government became cognizant of the extent of land possessed by each Irish Catholic Proprietor, there was almost in every case a wholesale confiscation of their Estates ; the rulers of provinces, counties, or districts in Ireland largely sharing in the result of those confiscations. Irish by birth or descent, whose names if we knew them we would also herein gladly record.

But that it would be invidious, perhaps, to do so, we could name several of the present families in our native county (Mayo), whose ancestors thus obtained large tracts of the land then confiscated in that county. 032 for the Indenture made between Sir John Perrott, for and on behalf of Queen Elizabeth, of the one part, and the Lords, Chieftains. Among those were General "Stonewall" Jackson, General Patrick Clayborn, General (uow United States Senator) Mahone, etc. So that the names of the Irisli Officers in the service of America woiild.

Inrolments of the Certificates for Adventurers, Soldiers, etc..

Instructions of Charles II., to His Commissioners, in Ireland ...

Doctor Kirby, Bishop of Lita, and Eector of the Irish College in Eome (through whom the Presentation was made), the following courteous reply : "Rome, 30th December, 1881. And we beg to say that, while our Ieish Pedigrees and our Irish Landed Gentry are necessarily vational in character, there is nothing in them to wound the feelings of Celt or Saxon, Catholic or Protestant, Liberal or Conservative.